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To believe is to see angels 
dancing among the clouds 
To know the wonder of a stardust 
sky and the wisdom of the man in the moon. 
(Author unknown)

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched. 
 They must be felt with the heart. 
(Helen Keller)

Love is something eternal, the aspect may change
 but not the essence. 
(Vincent Van Gogh)

When in my heart I feel a tug maybe it's an Angel hug.
(Author unknown)

Someday, when we both reminisce, 
we'll both say "There wasn't too much we missed" 
and through the tears we'll smile when we recall 
we had it all for just a moment. 
(St. Elmo's Fire) 

Doubt sees darkness, Faith sees the day, 
Doubt dreads to take a step, Faith soars on high, 
Doubt asks Who believes? Faith answers, "I". 
(Author Unknown)

The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye
 but found by the heart. 
(Author unknown) 

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Our Prayers are with all of the families
of the victims and with the rescue workers and their families
during this difficult time.


  While searching for answers on how to cope with the loss of a child, I was introduced to the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg by a good friend, Judy Ebbe.  All of a sudden, all the things that didn't make any sense suddenly came into focus.  What I couldn't comprehend by studying the Bible, was easily answered in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  Swedenborg's writings have given me much comfort in knowing that life does not end with the death of a loved one.  It continues on in another place.  And we all get to partake in that life for eternity.  Knowing that my son has not left me forever, and that we will be reunited again has given me much strength to continue on without him.  I finally understand that life and love are indeed eternal.  

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