I hope this might be fitting to put on your site. I believe that Richie has taken a place as guardian to you all. As much as I didn't know your son personally, the energy I have always felt in thinking of him is that his soul is a very strong one. The love you all have for him only goes to make it stronger. Here is my writing on Angels on which I was inspired:

^i^ Friends that Help ^i^
John Macedo Jr.

From day to day as I roam this Earth, danger prevails but I continue my search…  
Knowing full well that I am protected, by special friends that God has elected.

Purely divine, most certainly from above, their service unwavering, a true gift of love.

Special beings whose hearts are spiritually divine, I am so very thankful that my guardian is mine.

With beautiful auras all radiant with light, the ones with the wings are a magnificent sight.

And the ones that sing to the Lord on high, their voices rise up and fill the heavenly skies.

We should forget them not for the work that they do, the friends that help both me and you.

Thanking them daily for the silent guard that they stand and trying to remember them in prayer if you can.

Pray to your Angels with all your will and your might, ask for their assistance, protection and insight.

Know that their work is done out of love, very much for you and for the Lord God above.

For there are so many Angels helping us in this life, celebrating with us in victory and weeping for our strife.

Warrior Angels are mighty, a very courageous job they do, fighting spiritual battles all to protect you.

Healing Angels are special in the work that they chose, bringing comfort and removing pain, to many with woes.

But there is one special Angel that’s been with you since birth, your Guardian Angel who joined you on Earth.

This sacred Angel’s work is an incredible deed, to carry up your prayers, to heaven with great speed.

Not necessarily what you want mind you, that is not their chore, but rather a mediator and to God they implore.

This Angel knows all that God has planned and this is where they lend their helping hand.

To help you through times when you alone cannot succeed, when your faith is being tested and you are in need.

A friend like no other, never sitting in judgment of your soul, they are here only to assist, the former is not their role.

And this I have written for I was recently inspired, a prayer that was answered for which my soul so desired.

I’ve prayed for an answer and for something I once had, to "please lift my depression," from my heart which was sad.

A miracle, slight, that was merely shown, of something inside me that I’ve always known.

That the power of Angels and the Lord up above, is the greatest force in the universe, all coming from Love.

And with that I will end on one final quote, "I love God and my Angels," and it is today that I so wrote.

~ JMJ †

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