It’s here again.  Christmas! It’s  the most wonderful time of the year.  And music is such a big part of the Christmas celebrations.  You hear it everywhere.  The malls, the radio, and the TV all echo the sounds of the holiday spirit.  Christmas music is everywhere.  And during the holidays, our home was never without it. Music was a big part of our family.  

Richie was a musician and music was always in the background of our every day lives.  I remember how he would pick up his guitar and play “Feliz Navidad,” “ My Favorite Things” or “Do You Hear What I Hear” while we all sat on the floor trying to untangle the Christmas Lights.  

But, when Richie passed, music passed out of my life also. I didn’t want to hear it.  For the first four years, when the holiday season started, I didn’t go to the malls because I didn’t want to hear the sounds of Christmas music. It would pierce my heart like a sword.  I didn’t want to flood my mind with all the memories of Christmas mornings that would never be the same again.  Everyone was out and about living, loving and enjoying all the festivities and I just wanted to scream!   

That was five years ago.  Something has happened to me during that time. For the past few years, music somehow started to peek through my days.  I grew comfortable listening to it and realized that I could not ignore such a big part of my son’s life.  I learned how to laugh and cry at the same time when I heard one of Richie’s favorite tunes. I started to listen to his music again.  Incredibly, when I felt really down, I would hear a song that reminded me of him and I knew that he sent it along to let me know that he was still with me and to remember those moments that were so precious to me.  I would acknowledge his gift to me with a “Hey  Rich, good song, isn’t it?”  Or maybe just a smile to let him know that I was getting his message.  Slowly, I learned that I could not ignore the music.  How could I?  By ignoring it would mean ignoring moments in our lives that were some of the happiest.  And Richie and his music are intertwined in those moments.  

Our son lived his life surrounded with the joy that music brought to him and the happiness that his music brought to others.  So, I decided to capture it and carry it in my heart because the sounds of love never fade.  And Richie’s music really lives within me.  This Christmas, I am opening a gift for all to share with me.  The gift of Christmas  Music. And it sounds heavenly because I chose how it will affect me.  So click on the Christmas songs and make them part of your holiday.  I am sure that Richie  will smile knowing that I found the music again.    And listen………..Do you hear what I hear?  If you do, just smile.  He’ll get your message.

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