Dear Maureen & Dan, 

I want to share some past memories of Richie and I together, so that this Christmas gift will bring many smiles of past experiences. 

The piling up of snow bunkers in front of the house, so that Rich and I could store our snowballs, to throw at Jeffery and Kenny Grossman. 

The late late nights of playing wiffle ball in front of the house.

Coaching Richie in little league, he was always a good pitcher.

Sitting in your attic, and listening to the band play.

Loading up the impala with all of Richie's equipment and taking him over to New York to play in a studio.

Teaching Richie how to drive down at Roosevelt Stadium, boy he made me nervous.

Regret teaching him how to drive.

Pulling one of the first cigarettes out of his mouth in McHughes Tavern, boy, big help that was! 

After the bar closed, we would go over to the gazebo and play acoustics till 4 or 5 in the morning, and then coming home to Peggy and explaining where I was! 

When Peggy & I got married in 1986, Richie, during intermission, got up and played guitar, "Only The Beginning" in his white tux. 

Giving Richie the keys to my car, so that Susan and he could make out in the back of McHughes. 

Go to scalp tickets for the Jerry Garcia Band in Asbury Park, Jeffery Grossman and I got into the show, but we could not find Richie. After we came out of the show, we found Richie laying next to my car completely sunburned where he could hardly move, it took four days for the pain to go away ! Til this day we still talk about it.

Again, we loaded up the Impala, and took his equipment down to 16th Street park, after setting everything up , the band started to play, within a short time, the police showed up, because we attracted almost one hundred people.

Jack, Peggy & Jacqueline


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