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I will never forget the time Richie spilled the jar of tomato sauce all over his apartment.  Aunt Mo was cleaning it up all day.  She was on her hands and knees cleaning tomato sauce from the floors and walls which landed even in the hallway.  It was my first time in Richie’s apartment and I was in awe.  I thought what a great bachelor’s pad.  With his round leather couch and his big bed.  I could not wait to be that old to have a place like his. 

I will never forget the time when he first played “Beginnings” by Chicago at Uncle Jack’s wedding.  From that day on that became my favorite song.  He was so incredible.  He played it to the last possible cord. 

If I had one wish, it would have been that I was closer in age to him.  I feel like I never had the opportunity to go see him play when everyone else was old enough to.  Although, there were times I did like being the young one because at that time he really hadn’t anyone young to chill with and I was the exception.  I always felt like he enjoyed my being with me as a little girl.  When all the adults wanted to talk and not be bothered with me I would play with Chomp Head and Richie and have the best time.  I’ll never forget the way he said “Chomp Head” too.  I’m not able to explain how he said it but I was distinct and very special.  I remember too, how bad I wanted to ride his motorcycle, but instead I got to wear his helmet.

 I can not tell you how much I feel for you because of this grave loss.  No words will help the pain.  I want to say though that I admire your strength and the way you’ve handled this.  Know that my prayers are always with you and that I miss Richie deeply.

 Love Jamie


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