When I was little I used to love to make believe my teddy bear was real. So one day, I was in my room playing and my teddy bear began to talk. Wow, I thought!!! It is alive!!! I immediately ran into my father to show him. He on the other hand, was not so convinced. He went right into Richie's room where he was hiding with a walkie-talkie. My father knew that he was behind this talking teddy bear. My brother used to love to play tricks on me. He had cut open my teddy bear and put a walkie-talkie in it and sewed it back up so I would think it was alive. I always fell for his tricks!!!!! 

Richie got the biggest kick out of how gullible I was. Of course, with seven years between us, it wasn't too hard to get me to believe anything. Once there was a piece of sausage that I wanted to eat. However, so did Richie. As we stood in the kitchen with my father looking on, the sausage suddenly began to talk, saying," Please don't eat me, let Richie eat me!!!". Another inanimate object comes to life!!!! Of course, my father tried to convince me that it was him, but little old me felt too sorry for it. I just couldn't eat it after it pleaded with me. Guess who got the sausage and a good laugh??? 

My brother had such an imagination and so did I for believing all the things he would tell me, LOL! I must admit, he was very clever to think up some of these things. He used to love to tie a string around an object, place it in a drawer, and run the string under the bed to where he would be, of course holding it. He would tell me to ask a question and if I heard one knock it meant yes and two meant no. I would sit and ask questions for hours and WOW where was this mysterious "knocking" coming from??? Little did I know he had the entire concoction rigged! Once again, I fell hook, line, and sinker!!! 

As I got a bit older, I got a bit wiser also. My brother insisted that there would be no way I would figure out this trick! It involved a few match sticks and a piece of paper. He bet me $100 I would not get it. He even placed some cash on the table to entice me after awhile of examining this. After sitting for quite a while, it came to me! Low and behold, I figured it out! He could not believe it! He even gave me the $100. I guess after all the years of being tricked, I finally got a laugh of my own, hehehe!

Music expresses that which cannot be said and 
on which it is impossible to be silent
Victor Hugo


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