Every person hopes to leave their mark on the world.  We hope that when we pass on people will remember us in a special way.  Like, “Oh he always made me laugh or she always had a smile on her face.”  I don’t think Richie realized the mark he left on everyone.  What he left for me was his music.  My most happiest times with him were spent sharing this unique talent of his.  From the time I took him to his first concert to the last time I saw him in concert, at Maureen's 50th birthday party, it seems we always shared in the excitement of music.  The music we shared will always be in my heart.  I would like to share something with you which Richie gave to me.

 My Aunt

At times, a special person is included with one’s birth,
And with love-light & star-light,
God’s thought sweeps the earth!

 Happiness is the reason our relationship is meant,  
For you make my walk upon life’s  
 pathway a most unique event!

My walk along life’s path was made more eventful because Richie walked with me.  Thank you for creating such a special person and giving me the opportunity to have made such wonderful memories.  Although Ray’s memories do not reach back as far as mine he shares with me the music which Richie made.  We will never really know your pain but we do share your loss.  Our prayers are always with the both of you.

Joan & Ray

Music is a higher revelation than philosophy
Ludwig Van Beethoven


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