May your troubles be less
And your blessing be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door 

Dear Family & Friends, 

St. Patrick’s Day was always a special occasion in our house.  We would gather for our annual corned beef and cabbage. Richie always laughed when I told the butcher that I needed corned beef for 20 people. After all, it was just the four of us–Dad, Kerri, Richie and me. But, by the time St. Patrick’s Day came, I knew we would have a house full.  Dan marched in the Parade and Richie was so proud of his Dad.  As you can see, I had to include a picture of Dad in his top hat and tails.  

Richie’s last St. Patrick’s Day was spent in CCU.  I remember seeing all the marchers lining up while we were on our way to the hospital. I felt so sad.  All the memories of past celebrations and family times flooded my head.  I remembered when he was a baby, how he wouldn’t fall asleep unless we sang an Irish Lullaby to him. I could picture him waving his flag when we took him to see his first parade.  I could see him laughing and having such a good time with family and friends.  And, at the hospital, I prayed that he would wake up.  But, that was not to be.  I have reached a point in my grief that I can celebrate this holiday again. And, I thank God for family and friends that have helped me get to this point.  Of course, it is not the same. Our lives never will be the same.  

But, Richie is always here.  I still see him laughing, smiling and enjoying the days like he used to.  So, this St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share with you the blessings of the Irish.  Richie would want that.  And, I am sure, he will have a mighty fine celebration himself this day.  After all, he is celebrating with St. Patrick himself. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

When the first light of Sun ~
Bless you.
when the long day is done~
Bless you.
In your smile and your tears~
Bless you.
Through each day of your years~
Bless you.


May Your Blessings Outnumber
the Shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble
avoid you
Wherever you go

I am of Ireland
and of the holy land of Ireland
Good sir I pray of ye
For saintly charity
Come dance with me
In Ireland.

14th Century Irish Poet

May the saint protect ye-
An’ sorrow neglect ye, 
An’ bad luck to the one
That doesn’t respect ye
t’ all that belong to ye, 
An long life t’ yer honor-
That’s the end of my song t’ ye! 


Whenever there is happiness
Hope you’ll be there too, 
Wherever there are friendly smiles
Hope they’ll smile on you, 
Whenever there is sunshine, 
Hope it shine especially
For you to make each day for you
As bright as it can be. 

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