Every Christmas, our daughter, Kerri always tries to give us a special gift in Richie's honor. This year, December 25, 2000, she presented us with a star in Richie's memory. Having to name the star became a challenge. She wanted to use Richie's initials, RR. Searching through dictionaries and a Thesaurus, looking for a word that would be meaningful, she came up with: 

"Rapture." 1. a: a state or experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion b: a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things 2: an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion. Listening to sweet music in a "perfect rapture." To transport with excitement. 

Rapture is synonymous with ecstasy, heaven, rhapsody, bliss, extreme joy, seventh heaven . All so fitting! 

So, became "Richard's Rapture." 

"Richard's Rapture" will be registered in the International Star Registry's vault in Switzerland and recorded in the astronomical compendium YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS, Volume VI, copyrighted in the United States of America. 
Because this star is copyrighted and it is published with its telescopic coordinates in this book, future generations will be able to identify "Richard's Rapture" and using a telescope, locate it in the sky. It is a loving tribute to Richie and a gift that will last a lifetime. It is one that we cherish and surely keeps Richie's memory alive!

Perhaps, they are not stars
But rather openings in Heaven,
Where the love of our lost ones
Pours down through
and shines upon us
To let us know they are happy.

-Inspired by Eskimo Legend

Thank you, Kerri Lynn.

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